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Why I started Optometry Social Media

Before I attended optometry school, I was working in a local optometry practice. I would fit and dispense glasses, and every frame repair would end up in my hands because I could see the screws.
The doctor and staff I worked with were fantastic, but at times, the office seemed disconnected with the exceptional care provided. The exam would go great, but once the patient entered the optical, patients would become increasingly overwhelmed. The shelves were crowded with frames and more frames. Different brands were scattered across the walls. Our sunglasses sales averaged less than 1 per month.
As I was job shadowing other optometrists, I found most practices were the same. When I would ask about the business side of their practice, for example, their number of new patients coming in: They had no idea. Their recall systems: Some offices would send 1 postcard a year to existing patients to remind them of their annual exam.

I realized that we optometrists aren’t good marketers.

We don't learn this in school. We know eyeballs, not the integration of Facebook ads, email marketing, website design, and optimizing your business on Google. The time is coming where internet referrals and online word-of-mouth will transcend verbal word-of-mouth. You can't market with your eyes covered, hoping for the best. You need specific systems and methodologies to get new customers and increased sales using the web and social media.

I created Optometry Social Media to help you.

To build your brand and tell your practice’s story.
To get you back on top. To dominate your marketing in every way and form.
I created Optometry Social Media to be innovative and creative. I wanted a company that would constantly push a practice to new heights online. A company that had everything it needed to put a practice at the top, keep it at the top, and then continue to improve.
We are a team that will not stand for cookie-cutter vision websites. We believe you must differentiate yourself to thrive. Optometry Social Media is on the forefront to revolutionize the online optometric industry.
We were built on connecting research, strategy, and design to deliver memorable and emotional experiences. We happen to sell digital marketing services.
Our personalized team hopes to be able to work with you,
Founder of Optometry Social Media

Matthew J. Agnone, OD

Optometry Social Media

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