How to turn the heart of your practice into a marketing masterpiece

7 Indispensable Lessons to Refocus in Optometric Practice Management

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How the book was made

Our Process

Content Selection

The short book was compiled over the course of 1 year. The content stems from over 58 books read in the subjects of business, fortune 25 companies, profound human achievers, optometric practice management, and self-help.


At the conclusion of fully reading the 58 books, 35 lessons were created from this content totaling over 250 pages. The beginning 7 lessons are offered here as a short book.

Indispensable Lessons

The lessons are labeled as indispensable because of their essential importance to your optometric practice and marketing plan. The strategy book was compiled to help you achieve success.

Marketing Masterpiece

The book teaches how to turn the heart of your practice into a marketing masterpiece. Each lesson has take-away tips for optometric owners to use in their practice setting.

What's inside

How to turn the heart of your practice into a marketing masterpiece


Lesson: Have a story


Lesson: Define your brand


Lesson: Why I walked into their store


Lesson: Measure twice, then manage


Lesson: The focus question


Lesson: Simple


Lesson: Developing your practice

Media content from Lesson 6: Simple
The design of your optical is especially important. Your optical should look like an Apple store, but engage like a Starbucks. In many ways, Apple stores have changed the face of retail with clear windows, tables with products offering engagement, and elegant displays. One Apple store located in the Grand Central Terminal of downtown New York City is particularly iconic. The large windows within the store offering direct lighting were very important to Jobs and his design team.  Here are two images inside. Shot on my iPhone 7.


Apple’s “Think Different” ad campaign has something to teach us. One video in particular shows phrases paired with elegant visuals to describe the thoughts and emotions that go into creating Apple products. You can find the video here:

Within the book, the compiler has tried to keep all observations and teachings as close as possible to their original meaning. Therefore, key teachings from noteworthy individuals are left as quotes to properly convey meaning; and, advice or studies of the ultra-successful are taken from the person’s corresponding biography or autobiography unless cited otherwise.

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